Tips For Denver Homeowners From Long Distance Movers

While it may seem that all moves are alike, Denver moving companies will tell you that preparing and packing for long distance moves have to be handled differently from moves that are just across town or perhaps just into a neighboring subdivision.

One of the big differences in preparing for long distance moves is the amount of packing that should be considered in boxes. Hiring long distance movers to complete your packing will ensure that the correct packing materials are used, but if you are doing it yourself, there are some simple tips you can use.

Pack Each Box Carefully

One of the biggest mistakes that long distance movers see that results in broken or damaged items are the overpacking of boxes. Keep in mind; there is vibration in the truck that needs to be minimized through lots of padding between breakable items. Using bubble wrap and packing popcorn and putting less in each box can help to prevent damage and items rub or bump together with the movement of the truck.

Heavy Items on the Bottom

In addition to using lots of padding and wrap in the boxes, it is also important to place the larger, heavier items at the bottom of the box. This will help prevent any damage to the lighter items or those with delicate elements in the design.

The best tips that long distance movers provide will focus in on taking the time to do the packing correctly. Take a few minutes and read any information provided by the moving company in Denver and also watch some online videos that explain packing techniques.

Don’t forget to also ask for special boxes for dishes, electronics and even for artwork. Some movers will offer crating services for valuable items, something well worth considering for their safety during the move.


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