When Was the Last Time a Plumber in Jacksonville, FL Inspected Your Plumbing System?

Do you usually receive your water bill and shudder when you see the amount? If so, you may have some undetected leaks in your house. Even if a leak is supposedly small, it can become cost-prohibitive. The drip, drip, dripping of a leak represents dollars and cents, which is money that should be directed to a plumbing repair.

Therefore, if your water usage is higher than it should be, you should contact a plumber in Jacksonville, FL. Not only can a leak increase your utility bill but it can lead to some costly repair work that could have been avoided if you had scheduled an inspection. That is why you owe it to yourself and members of your family to have the pipes and drains in your house checked.

Are Your Pipes Made of Polybutylene?

Leaks cause corrosion, which can also trigger flooding. Therefore, contact a plumber if you have not had an inspection in over a year. One of the pipe materials that leads to leaks is made of polybutylene. Polybutylene pipes are usually found in older homes and do not hold up well.

If you have an inspection and these pipes are discovered, it is best to have them replaced. Any water damage that surfaces from this type of pipe depends on how fast the leak is discovered and the severity of the leak. If you do not have an inspection made, you can risk damage to your home’s foundation and walls.

Are You Buying an Older Home?

You also want to contact a plumber if you are buying an older home as standard home inspections will not list pipes made of polybutylene. That is because it is not a legal requirement. If a home that you are planning to buy was built from 1978 to 1995, you should have a plumbing professional check the pipes and see if any are made of the destructive material.

You can also visit American Plumbing Contractors online. If you have not had an inspection recently or you are buying an older property, you need to know who to call to ensure the performance of your pipes.


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