3 Signs Of Top Local Movers In Akron, Ohio

Hiring a moving company for a move in and around Akron, Ohio, does not have to be a complicated task. However, it will be important to do some basic research on the movers and make sure the company selected will provide the professional service you expect.

What is a Local Mover?

Local movers are considered moving companies offering services within a state, in this case in Ohio. Some companies further restrict the areas they will consider local moves to a geographic radius around the city, which may be designated by miles or specific points.

There are two types of local movers. One is a locally owned moving company with a national or international presence, which offers local, long distance and international moving services. The other is a local company in the city.

The benefit of using a company with extensive moving experience is the services, the professional movers and the ability to meet your moving schedule with a fleet of trucks and crews. The small, independently owned movers typically have only one or two trucks or rental trucks and part-time crews, which may create difficulties in booking a moving time.

Signs of Top Companies

The signs of top movers are not difficult to spot. A quick online search, a review of the website and a phone call are all that is needed. The three key factors to consider when narrowing down the search for quality local movers include:

Top feedback and reviews – check independent moving company review sites to see how past customers have experienced their move. Be very cautious of small movers with no online feedback.

 * Company information – take the time to look through the website, compare the services offered, and find out about the moving company. The longer an Akron, Ohio, mover has been in business, the more experience they will have.

 * Professional staff – finally, call the top three or four companies and ask questions. Professional, courteous and helpful staff should be able to provide you with the information you need during business hours.


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