Tips For Tree Trimming In Bronx, NY

In New York, pruning and trimming trees are vital tasks in landscaping maintenance. The services prevent diseases from spreading throughout the trees and stop pest infestations. For homeowners, the services lower risks that lead to injuries and property damage. A local specialist provides tips for Tree Trimming in Bronx NY.

How Do the One-Fourth and One-Third Rules Work?

Arborists recommend that all tree specialists follow the one-fourth and one-third rules when pruning. The specialists must avoid cutting more than one-fourth of the tree crown. Trees with broad leaves require prune up to one-third of the tree’s height. All branches at the side of the trees measure no less than one-third shorter than the tree trunk’s diameter.

Start with Dead Branches and Limbs First

All dead branches and limbs are removed first. The branches and limbs are removed to promote the survival of the tree. After the dead weight is removed, the specialist sees a clearer picture of the tree. It is also easier to avoid cutting too much and making the tree look too sparse.

Paint Fresh Tree Wounds

During spring and summer months, tree specialists paint the fresh tree wounds after pruning. The process doesn’t stop damage to the tree. It just provides camouflage and prevents possible aesthetic issues. The paint matches the tree wound exactly for the best benefits. A water-based paint is the best option for the task.

Cut Laterally for Small Branches

The tree specialists cut small branches at a lateral position from a bud or nearby branch. The cut is performed at one-fourth inch from budding branches at an angle. The process stops smaller branches from growing into odd positions and causing a displeasing shape. It also keeps the branches at a safer distance if the tree is close to utility lines.

In New York, tree care services follow specific rules when pruning trees. The services are performed regularly to mitigate common issues such as diseases and rot. By trimming the trees, property owners maintain aesthetically pleasing landscaping and healthy trees. Property owners who want to schedule Tree Trimming in Bronx NY contact Arnoldos Tree Service and schedule an appointment today.


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