Using a Classique Breast Form With Your Mastectomy Bras After Surgery

Women who have undergone a mastectomy can naturally feel a great loss in the wake of the procedure. A part of a woman’s physical makeup has been removed and this fact can have an impact not only in the physical sense but also emotionally. Fortunately, there are solutions to complement your modified appearance as a woman with a mastectomy bra. Within these bras, a breast form can also be inserted that helps you regain the look and feel you had prior to surgery. A particular product – the Classique breast form – can work in conjunction with mastectomy bras to meet your needs if you are looking for undergarments to accommodate the recent physical changes you have experienced.

Classique Bra and Form
When it comes to the bras that hold these forms, there are many options available in the Classique grande. You can find bras that have try cock cups with fiberfill. These bras contain cotton/spandex pockets that can hold a Classique breast form.

Stylish and Feminine
Classique mastectomy bras and forms can help you regain your original, natural shape. The benefit alone can help you significantly in the way you look at your appearance. There are many style options you can choose from as well. Various types of breast forms are available to go with your mastectomy bras – these include various shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs and help you achieve as close to your original appearance as possible. You can also request a customized Classique breast form to match your unique physical shape.

Everyone has a different shape and unique needs when it comes to mastectomy bras and forms. The Classique line of products can help you achieve the comfort, support, and function you need about the same time not sacrificing style. These are practical and functional products that also are designed to meet your preferences in terms of style.

In the aftermath of your mastectomy procedure, you may be looking for just the right bra and breast forms to help restore your original appearance. If this is the case, consider contacting an experienced provider of mastectomy undergarments for women to explore your options.


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