Benefits of Invisalign in Ypsilanti, MI Over Traditional Metal Braces

Having crooked teeth isn’t just an aesthetic issue, it also causes difficulties when it comes to oral hygiene. When dental patients are unable to adequately clean their teeth, they can eventually wind up with periodontal disease, which can result in substantial gum and bone damage and even tooth loss. While conventional braces have traditionally been the only solution for crooked teeth, they are uncomfortable and painful to wear. Thankfully, Invisalign in Ypsilanti MI now offers a better option.

It Looks Better

Metal braces are decidedly unattractive, which can be a serious concern for adults engaged in professional pursuits that require a serious appearance. In comparison, Invisalign is much less noticeable, allowing wearers to go about their normal lives without the blows to their confidence and self-esteem that come along with traditional braces.

It’s More Comfortable

One of the most common complaints about traditional metal braces is that they are uncomfortable to wear. Invisalign isn’t just more comfortable than metal braces, they are also removable. That means patients can remove them for short periods to eat or drink without having a negative impact on the long-term effectiveness of the system.

Treatment is Shorter

Traditional orthodontic treatment using metal braces can take up to five years to provide the desired effects. The Invisalign system can achieve maximum effects in just one to two years, leaving patients with straighter teeth in a shorter period of time.

Improved Safety

Conventional braces are made of metal, leaving protruding bits at the end that can easily puncture or scratch the patient’s gums, leading to infections and other unpleasant side effects. Invisalign does not have these sharp edges and protruding bits, making them safer to wear. Plus, since they’re removable they don’t come with the same kind of risk of decay as metal braces, so patients are less likely to require further dental work after their teeth have been straightened.

Learn More Today

For a patient to determine whether he or she is a good candidate for Invisalign in Ypsilanti MI, he or she must schedule an appointment with a dentist specializing in this form of treatment. Patients can contact Washtenaw General Dentistry Associates for additional information or schedule an appointment for a consultation today to learn more.


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