Buying the Right Frames for Your Specs

by | Dec 7, 2018 | Shopping

Looking for the perfect sunnies? Getting the frame right matters. Here are a few tips on how to tell whether you have one that’s right for the shape of your face:


Wide frames work for oval-shaped faces best. So long as the frames aren’t too deep or narrow, they’ll work out great.

Base Up Triangle

If you have a wide top and small bottom, then go for frames that are wide at the bottom. Light colors help balance it out, too. You could also give rimless frames a try, since these do a good job of giving you that light, airy effect, ensuring that your face isn’t top-heavy.


Have a strong jaw line along with a broad forehead? Then it’s best to avoid angular frames. Go for narrow frames or those that have greater width than depth. Narrow ovals are a great pick, too.


Go for frames with distinctive brow lines or highlight your eyes with cat-eye shapes. With plenty of discount designer eyeglass frames for sale, you won’t have a problem finding one for yourself.


Want to make your face seem longer and thinner? Then pick out angular narrow framing styles. These would give your face the contrast it needs.


You could go with frames that have more depth than width. Framing styles with a low bridge help provide balance to your features as well.

Another Tip: Color

Classic dark shades like black are a good choice if you want to highlight your eyes, says the Cosmopolitan. Some users go with a color that they think will go with everything, but the best option is to choose one that brings out your best features.

If you’re looking for the right frames, take a long look at this list. Pick out the framing style and shade that best suits your face shape and coloring. Visit the website for more information.

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