Try Poured Flooring To Give Your Space A New Look

Poured floors are nothing new in the industrial world. Specifically, poured floors have a lot of advantages for certain industries. For example, this type of floor is often slipped resistant and impact resistant. Indeed, many commercial food establishments need a floor that is easy to keep clean and sanitary. Many industries with a lot of electrical equipment order the floors because they are static resistant. Also, garages have poured floors because it is easy to clean up grease, and it is less slippery. Poured floors are actually made of concrete. Another substance goes over the concrete to create the floor.

Many consumers are trying poured flooring in the home. It is seen as an alternative to costly hardwoods and carpet. Several looks can be created with poured flooring that makes the floor decorative. Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation uses various materials for poured flooring to give a room a perfect, seamless look. Materials used include epoxies, urethanes and acrylics. In fact, poured floors are non-porous so water and other fluids cannot damage them. The result is a floor that is all one piece and has no seams or lines for dirt to hide in.

Epoxy resin is one of the more common materials used in the home. Epoxy is made up of a resin and a hardener. Epoxy changes after it dry and turns into a hard coating. Epoxy is the perfect coating for everything because it is also a glue. It sticks to concrete and never chips or peels. A variety of styles can be created with epoxy including:

     *     a stamping tool creates a tile look

     *     can be made in any color including a metallic finish

     *     can be given the look of marble or granite

     *     flecks of color in the epoxy looks like carpeting

Whether or not this type of floor saves the owner money is determined by how large the space is. Other price factors include how much floor preparation there is and the desired style effect. Most contractors give consumers a per square foot estimate. Poured floors are slip resistant, easy to clean and look attractive. These floors would be perfect in any home.

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