Are You Looking for Sheet Vinyl in Colorado Springs, CO?

Many homeowners used vinyl flooring back in the 1970s, but these old floor coverings were not great quality. They were prone to brittleness over time and were full of dangerous chemicals. The good news is that modern sheet vinyl and tiles are made of much better quality and are a lot safer too. So, why should you consider vinyl for your home?

The Benefits of Modern Vinyl Products

If you associate vinyl floor coverings with old and brittle materials from the past, you are going to be happily surprised at the quality of modern sheet vinyl in Colorado Springs, CO. So, why should any homeowner consider it? Here are some of the benefits of modern sheet vinyl floor coverings:

  • Durable: What is great about modern vinyl flooring is that it is so strong and durable. The older stuff was vulnerable to scuffs and scratches, but new formulas are much tougher and will be able to withstand high levels of foot traffic. In fact, modern vinyl is made from much better formulas of urethane, and also features a strong core of rigid material, making it ideal for many high-traffic areas.
  • Safer: Old vinyl material was filled with lots of chemicals, some of which were carcinogenic in nature. Modern vinyl materials are actually a lot safer and will not give off any toxic gasses or fumes over time.
  • Easy maintenance: If you want to find the halfway point between timber flooring and carpet, vinyl is a great and easy to maintain product. Not only is it safe, it is also super easy to clean and maintain without fear of damaging it.

A Truly Flexible Floor Covering

Vinyl represents a fantastic, tough, cost-effective solution for homeowners, landlords, and businesses. Visit the Carpet Clearance Warehouse today for more flooring information. Follow them on Facebook.


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