Top Reasons For Tree Trimming in Bronx NY

A healthy tree is not only beautiful but helps give needed shade in summer and homes to birds and other wildlife. Trees are mostly self-reliant plants. However, a little help like branch pruning or tree trimming can keep the tree healthy. Dead, dying or sick trees are prone to suddenly toppling and can be hazardous. Here are the top reasons for tree trimming in Bronx NY and surrounding areas.

Touching Wires

Trees that touch any kind of wires are in danger of catching on fire. This is because tree branches rub on wires. Over time, the constant rubbing wears away at the insulation of the wire. When this happens, live current can go through the tree and cause a fire. Power companies will usually trim trees near high power lines. However, they may not trim branches near smaller lines. Never try to trim trees near any kind of power line. Get professionals to take the risk such as Arnoldos Tree Service.

Pest Prevention

Buildings are not only homes to just humans and their pets. They also can be home to pests like squirrels, raccoons, and rats. They break into roofs and attics to make a nest. This causes incredible damage and introduces diseases into a building through the pest’s droppings. How do the critters get onto the roof? They climb out onto a nearby branch and either jump to the walls and climb up or jump right down to the roof itself. Tree trimming in Bronx NY eliminates these ways to the roof.

For Health of The Tree

Trees can live a surprisingly long time when part of it is dead or dying. However, these dead parts are literally dead weight on a tree. Cutting them off helps relieve the tree of supporting the dead weight. Cutting off dying or diseased parts can sometimes help keep the illness from killing the entire tree.

Safety to People and Property

Storms and high winds cause any weak or dead limb to fly off a tree. Tree branches and limbs can weigh dozens or even hundreds of pounds, depending on the age and species of the tree. Any property or person unlucky enough to be struck by a falling limb will suffer incredible damage, which homeowners can be liable for. Getting trees trimmed regularly helps reduce this possibility.


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