The benefits of a fast hand dryer

Electric hand dryers have been commercially available for many years. Although the first patent for an electric hand dryer was granted in 1921, it was not until 1949 that the device was popularized. AS you may appreciate, hand dryers have come a long way; what was at first a noisy, slow and inefficient machine has now become an extremely efficient, quiet and fast hand dryer.

Types of hand dryers:

Hand dryer manufacturers have moved with the times, using new and innovative technology different types of hand dryers are now commercially available.

  • A conventional entry level hand dryer is operated by pushing a button. These hand dryers are very affordable but they do take upwards of 30 seconds or more to dry hands properly.
  • A fast hand dryer works far faster than conventional dryers, this style will dry hands in as little as ten seconds. These types of hand dryers are rapidly gaining in popularity, not only because of their speed; they also use less energy which saves money.

Why are owners insisting on fast hand dryers?

Busy restrooms have always posed problems for facility owners, how to get more people through the restroom? A fast hand dryer is the obvious solution, they are far more convenient for users and they save the management money. A conventional hand dryer that takes 30 seconds or more to dry hands properly consumers approximately 2300 watts per use, a fast hand dryer does the job in less than half the time and consumes about 1500 watts per use.

Speed of operation is perhaps the most crucial component when reviewing the various hand dryers available. It is a fact that people do not want to spend the better part of a minute drying their hands. Thirty seconds or so may not seem like a lot of time but it is when you have more important things to do.

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