Considerations For The Best Hand Dryer

Many people prefer to use automatic or electric dryers in a public restroom. They don’t have to worry about germs because of paper towels and waste, and will get their hands dried quickly. However, as a business owner, you want to get the best hand dryer possible to ensure that you don’t waste money or energy while trying to go green for the environment.

Traffic Volume

The first thing to consider is how many people, on average, use the facilities each day. You’ll have to think about customers and employees both. For lower volumes, you may be able to choose one hand dryer for your needs, but you still want to ensure that you pick one of the best. For those who have more traffic, you may need to match dryers to stalls and sinks.

Prices And Guarantees/Warranties

Everyone is on a budget and switching to paperless drying methods can be costly. However, once you’ve made the switch, it’s much less expensive, depending on the energy-efficiency of the brand and model. Consider the price carefully, but don’t go for the cheapest option just because the cost is low. Consider the features and benefits of each machine before making a final decision.

Likewise, you’ll want to ensure that the machine you choose has a warranty of some kind. Most of them have five to ten-year warranties, depending on the model, manufacturer, and supplier you pick. They may also offer a low-price guarantee, which means that if you find an advertised price that’s lower, they’ll give you the difference.


In most cases, the best hand dryer will be shipped directly to you in the quickest possible way. You may want to consider places that offer free or flat-rate shipping or wait for coupons or deals.


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