Important Services Provided by a Fireplace Maintenance Contractor in Minneapolis

Every residential property has specific areas that require periodic maintenance. Some things, like cleaning the air handling system, are necessary to ensure the air quality in a home. In contrast, monthly lawn care treatments are performed purely for aesthetic purposes. One of the more important annual procedures that can be overlooked is a professional fireplace cleaning. If left unchecked, a gas fireplace can have problems arise that comprise the safety of a home and its inhabitants. Hiring a Fireplaces Maintenance Contractor in Minneapolis to perform an inspection and cleaning will help identify any potential problems while also removing existing dangers that a homeowner is unaware of.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a significant risk factor in gas fireplaces. If the exhaust line isn’t clear of debris or a connection isn’t sealed correctly, there is a chance that this odorless, deadly gas could spread into the home. Companies annual maintenance visits that remove debris from the exhaust line and exterior vent, check the functionality of the fan, confirm that all important connections are still holding tight, run a CO test, and conduct any repairs that are deemed necessary.

The condition of the surrounding cabinet, mantel, and stone work will also be inspected to identify any degradation that could lead to future problems. The technicians never cut corners on this service by using cheap materials or performing sub-par inspections. Their main goal is to ensure the health and safety of each residence and its inhabitants. To schedule this important service, customers can call the company or visit to fill out the online contact form. Once the visit is complete, the fireplace will be ready to use for another season without any concerns over safety.

Fireplace inspection and repair isn’t all that fireplace maintenance companies offer. These professionals also have the ability to convert traditional wood burning fireplaces into gas inserts. This provides the customer with a cleaner burning heat source, a more energy efficient fireplace that is sealed tightly against cold drafts, and less overall mess to clean up. Since no two fireplaces are ever built the same, the Fireplaces Maintenance Contractor in Minneapolis will find an insert that properly fits into the available space while also meeting the design aesthetic of the home. Once all of the hassles associated with a traditional wood fireplace are gone, homeowners will wonder why they waited so long to enjoy the gas counterpart.

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