How Does a Glass Fireplace Insert Function?

Are you having some difficulty maintaining your current fireplace? Or, are you paying excessively for your center heating on a monthly basis? If either one of these questions results in an affirmative answer, you may find the answer you need with a glass fireplace insert. There are many options available when it comes to these inserts and you can gain access to the cozy warmth you need from these modern units while potentially saving money in the process over the long-term.

Traditional Wood Burning Fireplaces
Modern gas fireplace inserts are much different than their old-style counterparts that burned wood and dispersed smoke. The heating efficiencies of these new units far excel those units of the past. In the old traditional wood-burning fireplaces, much of the heat was absorbed into the surrounding chimney material or up through the chimney to the outside air. With a glass fireplace insert, you can achieve a heating efficiency of as high as 70 percent as compared to around 10 percent for the old wood-burning fireplaces of the past.

Enhanced Efficiency with Gas Fireplace Inserts
Fireplace inserts function within a fireproof box that is surrounded by steel or cast iron. These units also contain a glass front with the entire unit operated through a closed combustion system. The steel or cast iron material traps heat very efficiently. In addition, in many cases a blower propels hot-air into the living space through vents located at the front of the unit you can achieve very high efficiency supplemental zone heating with these inserts.

Convenient Heating
By using a glass fireplace insert, you can benefit from a significant reduction in time is necessary to start the fire. As well, you can bypass all of the traditional cleanup work, including cleaning up ash and soot after the fire has ended. These units offer a very convenient heating option. You can start the fire anytime you desire by simply pressing a button or flipping a switch. You may also have a remote control that comes with your unit that allows you to switch the unit on or off from anywhere in the room.

If upgrading your existing fireplace is on your agenda, take the next step and contact an experienced fireplace supplier today.


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