How Faster Hand Dryers Improve Restroom Experiences

The benefits of hand dryers over paper towels are well known, but what about the benefits of a fast drying hand dryer over a slower model? You may have resigned yourself to your slower machine, but don’t be quick to dismiss the benefits of a new, speedier installation. Here’s why you may want to make the leap and purchase a faster dryer.

Patron Satisfaction

If your business has a public restroom, a poor experience in your facility can sour a customer on their whole experience in your establishment. Prevent long lines for the dryer by investing in a model that moves the process along. If customers become frustrated with a low-powered dryer, they may leave the restroom with hands that are still damp, which is an unpleasant sensation that may color their attitude toward the rest of their visit to your place of business.

Germ Reduction

If people in the restroom see others experiencing frustration with a slow dryer they may be tempted to leave the restroom without drying at all, and just wipe their hands on their pants. This practice spreads even more germs than paper towels, since people’s pants are covered in all the bacteria they have encountered since they got dressed that morning. Keep people safe and healthy by installing a fast drying hand dryer that discourages pants as a backup drying method.

Energy Maximization

Part of the reason you use a hand dryer instead of paper towels is because dryers are more energy efficient and cost effective. But if people have to stand for long intervals waiting for their hands to dry, that increases the power a dryer consumes and makes your energy bill creep up. A faster dryer reduces dry time and minimizes power usage.

Make your restroom a happier, cleaner, and more efficient place by purchasing a fast drying hand dryer at You’ll be glad you did.


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