What Does it Mean When Leasing a Car?

When one walks into a dealership, they are faced with two choices. “Should I buy the car?” Or “should I lease the car instead?” There are good sides and bad sides to deciding on buying or leasing. Here are some pros and cons to leasing a vehicle with a VW car lease in Lockport.


First, when leasing a vehicle, one is basically renting a car for years at a time. So, instead of making payments for up to ten years, one is only making payments for about two to four years. Second, with not making payment for up to 10 years, there is a better chance of doing an auto finance plan to make the payments smaller. Third, it is somewhat easier to return the car if one ends up not liking the car, or if there is a major problem with the vehicle. All one has to do is take the car back to where the lease is from and work with the dealership on getting a different vehicle.


First off, with leasing a car, there is usually a limit on how many miles one can travel. So, if one has a lot of miles they need to travel, the individuals would need to work with the dealership on how many miles they were allowed to use. Plus, most of the time if one goes over those miles, there is usually an extra amount that person has to pay for those extra miles.

Now, apart from the pros and cons, there are similarities to buying and leasing a vehicle. Both have  a credit check before one signs the contract. There is also the fact that you will have to make an initial down payment. So, with the pros and cons in mind you can now decide if you want to buy the vehicle or lease. For more information on leasing a Volkswagen vehicle, please visit Hawk Volkswagen, also follow them on Twitter to get latest social updates.

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