Gas Fire Inserts Can Save Your Marriage

When you have modern gas fireplace inserts in your home, you get all the benefits of a wood fireplace without the smoke and burnt smell that permeate the whole house with traditional wood-burning fires. Better yet, gas inserts fit right into your traditional fireplace for minimal installation hassle, and they are so relaxing and worry-free. You may find yourself spending a lot more time sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine, catching up with your better half.

How Do They Look so Real

The primary purpose of modern gas fireplace inserts is to take the place of wood-burning fires. The insert is a box that controls flow of gas and creates an attractive flame pattern. Most models come with accessories made resembling real logs or some other meaningful form that disguises the nature of the gas box.

Installation and Safety

It may seem like a good idea to install your own modern gas fireplace inserts. After all, the box itself just sits in your masonry fireplace and hooks into a gas line near the bottom of the unit. There is also a ventilation unit installed to ensure any excess gas vents up the existing chimney. The trick is that gas is an odorless substance that is hard to detect in case of a leak. Therefore, for best results, entrust the work to professionals and concentrate on enjoying the finished product.

Give it Your Personal Spark

With media kits that help you customize your modern gas fireplace inserts, you can customize your unit to suit the décor of your home or your home personal taste. Choose from decorative logs, rocks or glass that enhance the illusion of a softly burning wood fire. Don’t be surprised if you catch some of that spark yourself and rekindle your relationship with that special someone.


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