Reasons to See a Family Dentist in Grand Prairie TX

Swelling in the face is never normal and, therefore, sufferers should not delay in consulting a Family dentist in Grand Prairie TX. Swelling is usually a sign of infection, and there is a real danger to the person’s overall health if the pain gets worse. Applying cold compresses to the affected cheek is a must -; contact a dentist immediately.

Breaking an orthodontic appliance

If a component of your orthodontic appliances or a retention wire is broken, broken or peeled off, a Family dentist in Grand Prairie TX should be contacted immediately. To avoid discomfort, unwanted pain or tooth movement, contact a local clinic or orthodontist as quickly as possible. If this is not possible and there is real urgency (significant pain or irritation), another dentist or orthodontist may be able to help you.

Pain preventing sleep

Suffer from long periods of pain or bruxism while sleeping? It is rare that such pains cease on their own. The pain of this sort usually indicates the presence of an abscess, an inflammation or a bacterial infection.

The dental pulp can be affected if the problem isn’t fixed. After an examination, a dentist can relieve the pain and offer their patient additional further treatments (if needed). Some situations, although not urgent, require the advice of an oral health professional within a short time.

Following a dental injury

Did you take a blow to your face or a fall off a ladder and hurt your mouth? Even if no teeth appear broken and there is no sign of pain, it may be best to bring it up during a checkup. The dentist can do a thorough examination of the affected area to ensure everything is okay. A dental injury may be present, despite the absence of symptoms (e.g., a root fracture or a tooth fracture).

Injuries to the mouth that don’t heal

An oral ulcer or an injured mouth is enough to make a person’s life almost unbearable when the problem persists for several days or weeks. The guidance of a pharmacist may help, but if that continues, make an appointment with a dentist to make sure that these symptoms are not more severe. Find more information here.

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