Taking Charge of a Beloved Pet’s Health with the Help of a Vet in Millersville

A vet in Millersville monitors and nurtures the health of pets. Puppies and kittens should come in for their first checkup in the first few months of life. They’re born with defenses in their immune system that are passed on from the mother. They lose most of those defenses in the first few months of life. A well-check is needed at that time for vaccinations, lab work and to make sure they have no infections.

Oral care is important for dogs. They are highly prone to oral diseases within the first year of life. The Gambrills Veterinary Center is where dogs go to manage oral diseases and maintain good oral health. Oral cleanings include scaling in the areas of the mouth where plaque and tartar build up most. This prevents oral disease.

Pet owners who do not plan on breeding their dogs or cats are strongly advised to spay and neuter. The life expectancy of female dogs is longer when they get spayed. They are less likely to get reproductive cancers and pregnancy related illnesses. Stray male cats can sense when a female is in heat. Cats that spend time outdoors may mate with another cat without the owner’s knowledge. Spay and neuter procedures are not expensive, and some clinics offer free service.

Parasites of the heart threaten the mortality of dogs and cats. Just like many other life-threatening diseases, heartworms can be cured when detected early. Deworming kills the worms so a veterinarian can return pet health back to normal. There are precautionary practices that prevent heartworms. Supplements with ingredients that fight against heartworms can be added to a dog’s daily diet. Deworming medications prevent heartworm infestations from progressing, should a pet be exposed.

Deworming supplement treatment can start for dogs at two weeks old, and cats at three weeks. Dogs and cats adopted in adulthood should start treatment immediately. If the past health history of an adult pet is unknown, lab tests reveal a lot. New pet owners will learn if their friend has parasites. A vet in Millersville conducts a test that determines if all vital organs are functioning well. If there is a reason to believe their health is at risk, additional tests are administered so ailments can be properly treated.


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