Three Tips for Choosing an Incredible Nairobi Party Venue

Nothing beats a great party with festive music, delicious cuisine, and exquisite company. If you are looking to throw a bash in Kenya’s capital city, finding the perfect venue can be a bit of a challenge. The effort is worth it, though, because with the right site, you can have an epic party. Here are some tips for searching private party venues in Nairobi and finding the perfect place.


Many party planners plan their event with even the smallest detail in mind, but they only generally think about the size of the venue. That’s a mistake. If you want the best bash, you need to choose the perfect space. If your venue is too large, your event will lack the intimacy necessary to make a great party. Too small a site, though, will crowd your guests, making them want to leave early.


When searching private party venues in Nairobi, be sure to remember that layout is important. The way you structure your event will set the tone for the festivities. Will all your guests sit or is everyone going to stand? Will you serve buffet-style? Find a venue with an excellent staff that can help you visualize the layout of your party. Since professionals at your venue have seen many events, they will probably have an instinct for what works best.


When you book your Nairobi party venue, you will probably sign a contract. Look for one that has fair terms. Pay attention to cancellation policies and cut-off dates. Also, be sure to understand how the venue will interact with outside parties like caterers or bar staff. Finally, check the payment schedule. You don’t want to miss out on a terrific venue because you forgot to pay.

Choosing from the many private party venues in Nairobi can seem difficult, but it isn’t impossible. With just a bit of effort, you can find the perfect place for your party at After 40 Hotel in Nairobi.


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