Preventing Tooth Stains At Home And With Dental Teeth Whitening In Cedar Knolls

If you’re not happy with the color of your teeth, there are several things that you can do to make them whiter. Below you’ll learn what causes your teeth to become discolored and what you can do at home to help prevent stained teeth. You’ll also learn about Teeth Whitening in Cedar Knolls and how a visit to the dentist office can immediately whiten your teeth.

Causes of Discolored Teeth

Your teeth can become discolored for several reasons and the stains on your teeth are most commonly caused by the foods you eat and the beverages you drink. These staining foods include tea, coffee, berries and tomato sauces. Some beverages, such as sports drinks and colas, contain a lot of acid. These acidic drinks eat away at the enamel on your teeth. The loss of enamel causes your teeth to stain faster than normal.

Some prescription medications including antibiotics, blood pressure medicine and antidepressants can cause tooth discoloration. Other causes of discolored teeth include the use of tobacco products, the natural aging process and genetics.

Home Care for Discolored Teeth

To stop food and drink stains from discoloring your teeth, brush your teeth soon after you eat or drink any staining foods or beverages. If you can’t brush your teeth, swish water around in your mouth to rinse off your teeth. Drinking beverages through a straw will help to keep the staining liquid off your teeth.

Dental Office Tooth Whitening

When you visit your dentist for teeth whitening in Cedar Knolls, you can expect your teeth to be whiter immediately after the treatment. Your dentist will place a solution on your teeth and activate its whitening properties with a special light. The entire procedure takes less than one hour and after the treatment, you’ll notice the results immediately. If your teeth are badly discolored and you want them even whiter, you can schedule an additional treatment in a few weeks.

By limiting tooth staining foods, properly taking care of your teeth at home and going to your dentist for Teeth Whitening in Cedar Knolls, you can have a whiter and brighter smile.

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