Why Does My Mechanic Always Wear A Jumpsuit?

When was the last time you went to a mechanic and saw them wearing anything but a jumpsuit? Chances are, many of you have not. In recent years workplace safety regulations have increased, meaning companies are having to take additional steps to ensure their workers are safe. This is good news for anyone who works in an industrial settings, but what does it have to do with jumpsuits? More than you would think.


Those jumpsuits are not a fashion statement; they serve a very real purpose. Jumpsuits are purpose designed, so you can buy a jumpsuit that is chemical resistant but won’t stand up too much heat, or you could spend more and get one that is both. In the case of your mechanic, though, chances are his is chemical resistant and flame resistant to keep him safe while he is working on your car. You do not realize how hot your car’s exhaust pipes get until they burn you.


Jumpsuits are easy to throw on quickly and cover your clothes. This is great, since one of the biggest uses jumpsuits usually see stain prevention. While this is not always their primary job, it is the one that people tend to have the biggest issue with. By wearing a jumpsuit, you are covering your clothes and keeping chemicals that can stain, or worse, burn your clothing and your skin. Usually in a car shop setting this is simply to keep used oil and old grease from staining their clothes.

Now, next time you go to your mechanic you do not have to wonder why they are all wearing jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are purpose designed and bought to keep them safe and clean while at work. If you decide you want to take advantage of these benefits yourself, whether it be for home repairs or work, you can buy several different types of protective work jumpsuits for women and men online.


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