Why Do Cars Need Oil Changes?

When you are young, you spend an awful lot of time in the car. Traveling from place to place with your parents, probably to and from school, or heading over to see the grandparents. But few people ever consider the responsibilities that owning a car comes with. You can probably guess that the car will need fuel on a regular basis, but what about maintenance? One of the most common forms of vehicle maintenance is the oil change. An oil change is a simple process of extracting the used oil and filling up with new, fresh oil. The vehicle’s oil filter is usually changed at the same time. Oil changes are usually done by a local mechanic who is using oil change software.

What Does The Oil Do?

Vehicle engines have hundreds of moving parts. As these parts vibrate and rub against each other, friction starts to create heat. Oil plays a crucial role in your car, as it absorbs the heat and stops the engine from overheating. As time goes on, the oil in the car’s engine will start to break down and wear out. The Longer the oil is in the car, the less efficient it is at stopping overheating problems. Not changing the oil in a car can lead to a catastrophic failure of the engine. Sometimes causing a fire and always leaving the owner with a hefty cost of replacing the engine or just buying a new car.

How Often Should You Change Oil?

It depends on how often you drive, and how many miles you travel. Mechanics recommend changing the oil every 3000 miles. Most mechanics use a high tech oil change software that can identify how often your vehicle needs an oil change. Drivers who use synthetic oil get a much longer lasting oil, with some brands stating over 10 thousand miles of use! You can change the oil yourself if you have the right tools and know how, but most folks simply take their cars to the local mechanic or oil specialist.


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