Why Cable Tie Mounts Are Important

There are many different options for organizing cables. The option you choose depends on the industry and the application. Cable management for heavy equipment is different than cable management for a data center. For example, a data center would not use a heavy duty cable tie mount, but a machinery shop would use one.

Installing cable tie mounts in a workshop is a simple process. The mount can be installed easily on the surface of any type of material to keep the cable out of the way and prevent damage to the machinery.

Heavy-duty cable tie mounts installed in machine shops typically require some type of welding to hold it in place.

Some cable tie mounts have a quick installation process that uses a short welding cycle to attach the mount. They attach in less than three seconds. This the best option for machine shops.

In any industrial application of cable management, the best approach is to organize the cables right from the beginning. Every time a problem with a cable is avoided means that money is saved by the company. Investing in a system is always preferable to patching together something that will not last.

Cable ties, cable tie mounts, and cable bases are not just a convenience; they are important in any industrial or shop area. They secure the area at the attachment point where the mount attaches to the plate. This is important for all shops. These are permanent mounts requiring no screws or adhesives that can fall off due to temperature. Cable can be bundled together with ties, and the ties can easily slide through the mounts fastening. They can be placed anywhere with the assurance they will remain permanently in place.

Overlooking cable management strategies utilizing cable ties and cable tie mounts can increase the likelihood of accidents. Accidents such as tripping are the number one claim for workers compensation reimbursements.


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