Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Headed Stud Anchor

Taking on a project means a lot of pre-project prep work, including placing orders. In any type of construction or Original Equipment Manufacturer ordering process, it is important to plan the order, and then double check all quantifies and specifications before making the call or contacting the vendor online.

To avoid common mistakes when choosing a headed anchor, consider the following common issues that are often overlooked in the process.

Not Verifying Requirements

With almost all projects that will us a headed stud anchor, there will be building code and construction regulations that dictate the length and diameter of the stud anchor to use. This is based on testing of shear forces for the given application and is developed by engineering associations and organizations to provide safety and long-life cycle for any type of construction.

It is critical to verify that any stud anchors ordered meet the requirements for elongation, tensile strength and yield strength amount other factors.

Length Verification

Unlike other types of weld studs, the headed stud anchor will have a slight loss of length during the stud weld process. This is naturally occurring and should be indicated by the stud weld manufacturer on the specification sheet. Typically, the loss in length or the length reduction is about 0.12 inches once welded in place, but on the larger diameter (5/8th or higher) types of weld studs, it may be up to 0.19 of an inch.

Types of Welds Required

While many types of jobs, projects, and applications while simply require the welding of the headed stud anchor to a flat, vertical or horizontal surface, there are other considerations to keep in mind.

There are specialized designs in these stud anchors that allow the welding of the stud to either the heel of the fillet of an angle. By knowing how many of each type of weld has to be made by considering the number of inside and outside angles on the project, the order can be placed and the required parts shipped and ready.


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