When Do You Need Window Glass Repair in Colorado Springs?

When you think that you might need Window Glass Repair in Colorado Springs, you need to call a professional to evaluate the situation as quickly as possible. If you aren’t able to hire the professionals immediately, you may want to use the following guide to help you decide how serious the problem really is.

Are The Outside Elements Coming Inside?

Can you feel a blast, or at least a draft, of cold or hot air when you stand next to the window? If so, you may have some issues with the window sealant. This does require repair, but it may or may not require replacement of the entire pane of glass. If the glass hasn’t shifted dramatically, your repair provider will be able to add new sealants that will keep the window in place. This will keep the elements outside where they belong.

Do You Have a Star Crack?

One reason that you might need Window Glass Repair in Colorado Springs is a star crack. This type of window crack, so named due to its star appearance, can sometimes be repaired rather than resorting to a whole window replacement. The width and length of the star crack play into the decision about repair versus replacement. Is the crack three inches or longer? Is it more than a couple of inches wide? If so, replacement may be required. However, the majority of star cracks are smaller than that. A window glass repair professional can inject a special sealant into the crack that will prevent it from spreading any further. While the starburst will remain on your window, it will not grow, and thus it won’t compromise the integrity of the entire pane of window glass.

Do You Have an Open Break?

If you have an open break, meaning that a piece of the glass has been entirely dislodged, companies like Peakviewwindows.com may recommend that you replace the pane of glass as soon as possible. If you aren’t able to do so right away, try to fashion a short term solution. For example, line the area with the missing glass with a sturdy piece of cardboard. You can also visit their Google+ profile.


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