What to Ask Before Getting Dental Veneers in Panama City Beach, FL

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth and your smile, you have probably considered dental veneers to even out your smile, make your teeth look whiter, and even fill in small gaps. Before you call your dentist to make an appointment for this procedure, it’s important that you talk to them honestly and openly about veneers so that you are well informed.

How much tooth enamel will you remove?

Dental veneers in Panama City Beach, FL are not considered reversible because there is a portion of your tooth enamel that will have to be removed in order to place the veneers on your teeth. While you can make adjustments in the future if the veneers don’t look or feel right, there is no going back after this enamel has been reduced. Make sure you know how much your dentist will remove and be sure that you’re comfortable with that amount.

How long will I be sensitive?

It’s normal to have minor sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures in your food and beverages after you have dental veneers attached to your teeth, but you want to make sure you don’t have to deal with this sensitivity for a long time. Most people lose the sensitivity in under a week, but the amount of enamel reduced can play a role in this.

Are there any long-term limitations?

If you chew your nails, like to chomp on the ice, or otherwise use your teeth to open packages, you will have to stop that once your veneers are attached. It’s important to talk to your doctor about what you can and cannot do with veneers before having them attached.

It’s true that dental veneers can change your life, but you want to be sure that they are the right choice for you before having them made and attached. If you have questions or concerns, speak to your dentist or visit myfundentist.com to learn more.


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