What is the Importance of Trade Show Banner Stands?

When you go to a trade show, the booths can be set up in multiple ways. One might feature a significant vinyl banner while another may take advantage of television or an interactive display on a smart device. Of course, the most important thing at a trade show is to gain attention and get your name out to people.

One of the most common sights at expos and conventions are banner stands. We’ll look at why these are important for your own company.


Banner stands are super portable and don’t weigh very much. They come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, as well. That means they can work with whatever your style is, but they can be moved quickly and easily. Anyone who has experienced the trouble of traveling with a massive trade show display will appreciate how much simpler this option is. It’s capable of fitting into many different types of travel luggage, making them the best choice for portable display.


When you order a trade banner stand from a printing company, you can customize nearly any aspect of it that you would like. If you want it shaped like a star, it can be done. Want it done in pink and lime? That can also happen. The size and graphics are also entirely up to you. Also, most banner stands have a display and a panel that is removable. That means you can swap out your banner anytime you would like. This is an excellent way to save money and still be able to have multiple flags available depending on your needs.

Extra Impact

If your company isn’t capable of spending loads of money on trade shows, you may have a small booth. There’s nothing wrong with that, but a banner stand can make you stand out from the other booths nearby. With a display that goes high into the air, it’s hard not to notice so you can promote your brand even in a space that isn’t ideal. You never know when that might cause an attendee or industry professional to stop in and learn more about what you offer.

Make an Impact

New York Banner Stands offers banners and banner stands in various configurations. Whatever your company is looking for, we likely have it. If you’re interested in learning more about us, stop by our website at www.NewYorkBannerStands.com.


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