Poster Printing: Still Relevant and Viable

In the world of printing, new technologies are continually making the process easier. Rapid growth in research and development has produced a demand for the large-format market. This includes poster printing, a segment of production printing. In Chicago, companies and individuals turn to this form of advertising for a variety of reasons.

The Many Advantages of Using Posters

Posters are an advertising form that has been around for centuries. They have acted as a means of promoting a cause, advertising an event or unveiling a new product or service. Posters as “bills” actively induced people to buy products or support a politician. Today, they serve much the same purpose.

People and groups turn to posters out of the belief they will be:

  1. Cost–Effective: Poster printing is an inexpensive form of advertising en masse. Running off posters in large numbers saves money. While you may need a designer, chances are you can create what you need simply. Overall, posters are capable of spreading the word without breaking the bank
  2. Simple Distribution: You can hire someone to put up the posters. You can also have a group of volunteers place them up at desirable locations. If the number is small, you can stick them up yourself
  3. Space: With some restrictions, you can stick up posters practically anywhere. You can place them in highly visible and high traffic areas. Some malls, campuses and other institutions in Chicago welcome posters that are relevant
  4. Engaging: Posters engage the public. When well designed and worded, they catch the eye and hold it. The very best posters fly off the boards and posts. They become treasured, and, in rare cases, collector’s items.
  5. Reach: When posted properly, posters can reach a wide-ranging audience. While you can restrict the market through where you hang them e.g. campuses, you are able to come into contact with a larger sample of the public because of the visibility of a poster
  6. No Time Limitations: If your poster advertises a product or services, it has not time restriction. It is effective for any time of the day or night. If it is a specific event, make sure you remove the posters after the event. This sends off the message you are responsible
  7. Reusable: If the poster does not provide a date or time, it can be used several times. You can post it at several events e.g. talks or tradeshows without effecting its ability to perform

These are the major reasons why people use posters to advertise.

Poster Printing

Posters are a way someone on a limited budget in Chicago can reach a large number of people inexpensively. It is an effective way of promoting a cost or advertising services. A well-designed poster sticks in the mind. Overall poster printing is a valuable advertising tool for individuals and small-to-medium-sized businesses.


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