Using Tuckpointing To Repair A Chimney Or Exterior Brick Wall

Tuckpointing is a very old technique that has been used for centuries to repair brick chimneys and other exterior brick structures. It involves filling the joints between existing bricks with new mortar. Although tuckpointing contractors in Wilmette are called in to improve the appearance of a chimney or wall, the primary purpose is to prevent the ingress of water. During cycles of freezing and thawing the constant expansion and contraction of the water in the joints can result in cracked bricks and the virtual destruction of the existing mortar.

How is tuckpointing done?

Once masonry begins to crumble the problem gets a lot worse very quickly. The solution is to hire tuckpointing contractors as soon as you notice loose bricks or crumbling mortar.

There are a number of ways to finish the mortar between bricks; it can be flush with the face of the brick, recessed, rounded or angled in either direction. Each design is unique and is used as a design highlight as well as repelling water.

Although mortar mix is readily available, if the work is being carried out on a period home chances are the mortar will have to be mixed by pros to assure the right consistency and color. It is extremely important that the new mortar meet the specs of the existing mortar when it comes to porosity and compression strength.

Tuckpointing as a decorative touch:

Although tuckpointing contractors in Wilmette are primary involved in repairing walls and chimneys, there are homeowners that call upon these skilled contractors to improve the appearance of the brick on their home. Although this is strictly cosmetic, there are homeowners that are looking for decorative highlights such as framing the bricks with lines made from a white lime based mortar. Contractors that do professional tuckpointing can provide you with ideas and photos of work they have done in the past. You are invited to contact Fortune Restoration for tuckpointing as well as brick repair and renovation or contact online through the website.


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