UltraShape, CoolSculpting Or SmartLipo – Which Is Best to Remove Fat Without Surgery In Chicago?

Body contouring technologies are much advanced and available today, but it can be hard to figure out which option is best for you. The most popular options include CoolSculpting, SmartLipo and UltraShape and each can provide excellent results, but are considerably different from each other. If you want to remove fat without surgery in Chicago, these three options are your best bet, but which one is better? There are four primary variables you’ll want to consider before making a decision.


Your body is composed of fats, as well as other things. However, you need to determine how much you want to get rid of before making a decision about the procedure you need. Usually, UltraShape and CoolSculpting work better to target the smaller bulges in the body, such as arms and ankles, while SmartLipo works better for large pockets, such as the stomach, booty and thighs.

It is also important to understand that none of these procedures will help with loose skin. If you need help with that, you’ll want a tummy tuck.


If minimally-invasive is your goal, you’ll want to stick with CoolSculpting and UltraShape, because they are both considered non-surgical or non-invasive and won’t require downtime. This means you’ll be able to go back to work or regular activities. SmartLipo is deemed minimally-invasive but is still a surgical procedure. You’ll want to give yourself at least three or four days of recovery time before going back to regular activities or work.


The number of treatments you need may determine which option to consider to remove fat without surgery in Chicago. If you want the quickest results possible, SmartLipo may be your best option. It’s only a single treatment, no matter how big or small the area being treated. UltraShape and CoolSculpting, on the other hand, take multiple treatments, which are spaced out of many weeks to ensure optimal results.


The last factor is the budget, and this is where most people have to focus the most. Unless you’re rich, you’re going to need to consider the cost, which can vary depending on what you need and your body type. You will need to talk with your doctor or surgeon prior to the treatment to consider which options fit best into your budget. Because UltraShape and CoolSculpting procedures take more than one treatment, they may be more expensive.

If you want to remove fat without surgery in Chicago, you may want to consider any of the three popular choices. Contact us for more details.


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