Electronics Shredding Destroys Confidential Documents, Hard Drives and Business Records

The proper shredding of employee’s confidential personnel records and company documents has become very important. So important, in fact, that a business could be shut down and heavily fined if personnel records were to fall into the wrong hands. In the past, most companies simply threw sensitive documents and data away in with the business trash that went into a dumpster when the office was cleaned. Customer applications, company sales bids, graphs and statistics, or customer name and address lists are so confidential and private privacy laws state they must be destroyed. This is why shredding is so important to individuals, home makers, business owners, governmental agencies and corporations.

Electronics Shredding is accomplished by companies that stop by the office at regular intervals and shred important and classified information while the owner or person of authority watches the process. This is the secure way to make certain all business records, with social security numbers or secret codes and other identification on them, are destroyed properly. Companies follow a specific order in their shredding process. First of all, they leave a locked and secure bin at the office for employees to place all confidential documents. When they collect confidential materials, they begin the first step of their process, which scans the bar code on the bin. Then, they collect the materials and destroy them. Clients have the ability to view materials being shredded on a video monitor. After the materials have been destroyed, the company prints a certificate, along with an invoice for the owner of the business.

Look for a company website that has a contact page with the heading “Call Us Today for a FREE Consultation & Estimate.” When customers click that link, they’ll be able to leave their business name and address and ask for help with their company’s Electronics Shredding. Many shredding companies will also destroy computers and hard drives, credit cards and other electronic waste.

Local businesses and municipalities often set aside a day in which they sponsor shredding services to entire communities. Many people don’t own a shredder, and this service means a great deal to them. Some towns have had thousands of pounds of confidential documents shredded, and with each pound destroyed, peace of mind is gained. With identity theft on the rise, it’s easy to see why shredding companies are so popular. Visit 1shred.com for more information.

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