Top 8 Questions to Ask a Prospective Divorce Attorney in Glenview

A divorce in Glenview is at once a life-changing and painful experience. This is why it’s important to screen prospective divorce attorneys in order to avoid any added stress to the already complicated situation.

When screening divorce attorneys, there are eight questions that you must ask so that you get a better idea of what this experience will entail for you.


First of all, you must be able to ask your prospective divorce attorney about their background. You must therefore ask him “what is your experience in the field of divorce?” This includes the number of divorce cases that he or she has held, their outcome and whether he specializes in these cases.

Second of all, ask “what are your rates, and how much can I expect to spend?” Let him give a run-through of all expected costs, including any hidden costs necessary such as doctor’s fees.

Next, ask “will you be available for me when I need you?” You don’t want an attorney who will not spend adequate time on your case because he’s too busy with other things.


Next, you must ask your prospective attorney about his methods when it comes to dealing with divorce. You must ask “what sort of strategy to you use in cases similar to mine?” Also ask him “what’s your time frame for my case?” so that have a good idea about when it will be all over.

Another question you’ll want to ask is “what sort of damage control will we need to do?” You must determine that he can hold a case that is least traumatic to you, your partner, your children and to everyone involved.


You also want to ask your prospective attorney about the specifics of your case. Ask him “what’s your estimated outlook on my case?” so that you have a general idea of what to expect. Finally ask him “what can I expect with regards to child support and custody?” This is, after all, an especially sensitive issue that will need an experienced attorney for the best outcomes.


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