3 Key Features of Superior Industrial Mezzanine Systems

Mezzanines are semi-permanent floors that are often placed in warehouses, theaters and other areas to provide more space and greater accessibility. However, if you are planning on storing heavy loads on such a platform, it’s important that you acquire one that will last, and that won’t fail or endanger your employees.

This is why we are here to provide some advice on how to identify genuine quality industrial mezzanine systems, for better safety, efficiency and value for money.


It’s often easy to identify low quality products by looking at the paint, as well as how parts fit into each other. A well-designed system will most likely utilize powder coating and the parts will fit snugly into each other, with very little wiggle room. A low quality mezzanine, in comparison, may have liquid chemical paint and fit loosely, allowing the structure to wiggle. So be sure to check these before purchasing, as low quality can lead to unnecessary costs and damage.


As Camcode agrees, the next important factor is how versatile the structure can be. Ideally, you want a structure that can completely fold up and move when not in use, allowing even more space within your warehouse. However, this is not always possible, but do some research to discover what is available to you to acquire the one that best suits your needs.


The last, although certainly not least important, feature is safety, since harm to employees can end up costing substantially more than the investment required for safe equipment. Additionally, you want to strive to provide the safest, most enjoyable working conditions, so be sure to keep this a top priority.

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