Tips for Energy Efficient Home Designs in Brooklyn, NY

There’s a radical shift taking place in the remodeling industry. Energy Efficient Home Designs Brooklyn NY have long been viewed as expensive and unattainable, but they are rapidly becoming mainstream. Below is a guide listing some of the biggest ways to go green during home renovations with Beyond Design & Remodeling.

Do a Preliminary Energy Audit

Before undertaking major renovations, homeowners should know how the structure performs in terms of energy efficiency. Much of a home’s performance depends on the way it uses energy. Door and window leaks, inefficient AC units, and outdated appliances don’t make a very eco-friendly abode, but energy audits can point out the cause of the problem. The audit may be subsidized by the local utility, and the homeowner may be able to get free programmable thermostats, light bulbs, and other products.

Upgrade Insulation

The spaces between a home’s inner and outer walls can be a major source of energy loss, and they should be addressed after an energy audit. There are eco-friendly insulation options that are both effective and inexpensive, and many areas offer rebates for the installation of new insulation.

Use Passive Solar

It isn’t as hard as many believe to harness the sun’s power, and it does not necessarily involve solar panel installation. Go green by using the sun advantageously, allowing it to warm the home in the winter and finding ways to block it out during summer. Planting deciduous trees outside and installing new blinds or shades inside can reduce direct sunlight while still allowing it to heat the home in the winter. It’s surprising how simple Energy Efficient Home Designs Brooklyn NY can make a big difference. Browse the website for more information.

Update Appliances

Spending hundreds of dollars on a new refrigerator may not seem like a very efficient remodeling tip, but this bit of advice is dependent on the need for an urgent upgrade. Most older appliances were made without regard to energy consumption, and dryers, washers, stoves, and refrigerators are some of the biggest energy wasters in the home. EnergyStar provides a list of items and the resulting savings, and some areas offer rebates on energy efficient appliances.

It’s easier than most people think to create simple Energy Efficient Home Designs Brooklyn NY. By following the tips given here, homeowners can remodel their homes in a way that meets their desires while reducing the family’s carbon footprint.

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