Duct Cleaning In Schenectady Improves The Health Of A Building

When fire, smoke, or water damage happens in a home or business, deep cleaning and restoration have to occur. In addition to these events, regular use of a heating and cooling system requires duct cleaning Schenectady. Bacteria, dirt, viruses, dust mites, mold, mildew, and animal hair are only a few things that can be removed from the ductwork of a home or business.

Indoor air quality can influence an individual’s health. An accumulation of allergens in the ductwork can result in breathing problems for the young, old, and anyone who suffers from allergies. The indoor air quality can be dramatically improved when duct cleaning is performed.

Reducing Dust

If the furniture regularly has dust on it, cleaning the ductwork will reduce the amount of dust in the air. When the furniture is dusted, it should not need to be done again within a few days if the ductwork is clean. Carpeting also harbors a lot of dust that can be reduced when the ductwork is cleaned.

Improving Health

When a home is free of dust, it will improve the health of the occupants. Clean air helps individuals to sleep better at night and reduces stress on the body. Continued exposure to allergens due to poor indoor air quality can lead to inflammation in the body and other detrimental health conditions.

Cleaning Duct Work After Water Damage

When a home or business suffers water damage, a thorough cleaning of the ductwork should be performed. Even when the ductwork did not have water inside, mold spores and other toxins can travel into the ductwork through the air. If the mold spores are not removed, it can result in serious breathing problems.

Performing The Work

A truck with a large vacuum system is used to clean the ductwork. A small hole will be cut in the ductwork, and the vacuum will be attached. A series of brushes and blower will be used to push the debris into the vacuum. The dirt and debris will be removed to a truck outside of the building and hauled away.

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