There is a Wide Variety of Orthodontic Treatment in Tulsa, OK, Available to Correct Teeth’s Positioning

Most adults wish to have straight, attractive teeth that can enhance their physical appearance and self-confidence. However, not everyone is born with a propensity for straight teeth, and their adult teeth may come in at odd angles or with gaps in between them. If this happens, the best course of action is to see a dentist for Orthodontic Treatment in Tulsa OK to correct any such issues. While the best time to treat crooked teeth is during adolescence, adults are also able to receive such treatment.

Different Orthodontic Options are Available to Correct Teeth

While braces are the most common option to straighten or reposition teeth, other options like retainers and spacers are available as well. Sometimes, orthodontists will use braces in conjunction with other options to make treatment more efficient and effective. Treatment using solely retainers, either full time or part time, will typically yield slower results than braces but with the benefit of being able to remove them at will. Orthodontists from will assess each patient’s individual needs and make recommendations as to the best course of action to improve teeth’s placement.

There are a Variety of Different Types of Braces Available

While some patients may be hesitant to use braces to straighten their teeth due to the appearance or discomfort involved, there are several different styles of braces that can be used to meet each patient’s preferences. Traditional braces that use wires and brackets to move teeth over a period of months or years are still the most common method used, but other options are available for those who don’t want their braces to be so obvious. Invisalign and brackets on the back of teeth are good options for those who don’t want highly visible braces.

Those with crooked or gapped teeth can find help from Orthodontic Treatment in Tulsa OK to achieve a more perfect smile. Orthodontists can use retainers, spacers, and several different types of braces to help improve the positioning of their patients’ teeth. No matter what type of treatment a patient desires or requires, a suitable orthodontic treatment is available to produce impressive results.

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