The popularity of raw pet food diets is increasing

There probably will always be some degree of controversy when it comes to raw pet food diets but it must never be forgotten that dogs thrived on raw foods for millennia, long before they even became domesticated and accustomed to prepared food.

Raw food is nothing new to breeders of racing greyhounds; the Inuit have never fed their sled dogs anything but raw muscle meat, and bones. Today, raw pet food in Jacksonville not only includes traditional meat and bones but also includes raw vegetables as well as fruit.

There are numerous potential benefits from feeding your dog raw food; these include a shinier coat, healthy skin, much cleaner teeth and higher levels of energy. Although the actual make-up of raw pet food varies by manufacturer the traditional ingredients include muscle meat which is often still on the bone, liver, kidney, uncooked eggs, green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach and apples and other fruits.

It must never be forgotten that animals are natural carnivores, although your pet may be domesticated that has little or no bearing on the fact that dogs have evolved from wolves which are prey animals. Although dogs are naturally carnivores they also consume vegetation including grass and berries in addition to meat.

Diet and health go hand in hand; this is as true for you as it is for your pet. A diet composed primarily of fresh ingredients is far more nutritious and helps in building the immune system which is a primary tool in warding off disease. Raw pet food diets are certainly nothing new, pet owners in Europe have been feeding their dog’s raw food for decades and veterinarians recommend it. For some reason there is a fear in The US that raw pet food in Jacksonville will lead to salmonella, parasites, etc. There is no proof of this; the digestive tract of an animal is short and designed to accommodate raw meat. There may be some element of truth that eating game meat or wild prey might lead to a parasitic infestation but this is far less likely to happen when human grade meat is properly handled. The truth is; an animal is far more likely to pick up a parasite by ingesting soil than from meat which is properly handled.

In a perfect world pets would be better off being fed an all raw diet but we do not live in a perfect world, however, the more raw food you include in your pets diet the better; even a little is better than none.

Raw pet food in Jacksonville is rapidly becoming a popular choice for pet owners. Earth Pets produce raw pet food that closely mimics the diet of our pet’s predecessor, the wolf. You can expect your pet to have more energy, cleaner teeth and a far shinier coat when you feed it raw pet food.


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