The Essential Factors To Know Before Shopping For Industrial Weight Scales

When replacing existing scales in any industrial application, or when buying new scales for a brand new facility, knowing what you need in industrial weight scales is always going to an important consideration.

It is essential for any replacement or new purchase to not just think of the immediate needs for industrial weight scales, but also to consider what will be needed in the future. This is particularly important if the company is planning on adding additional production options or expanding their operations by adding additional shifts, production lines or even different processing options.

Know the Environment

You many need to consider changing current industrial weight scales or choosing new scales that are in keeping with a wide range of different industrial environmental requirements.

There are scales that are designed to be completely sealed, allowing them to be used with liquids or in areas where routine washing and sterilizing of equipment may be important. There are also scales designed to be used in more compact spaces, in dusty environments or in special temperatures.

Know the Weight Ranges

One of the easiest mistakes to make when choosing industrial weight scales is only to look at scales that will match your current production and weighing needs. By limiting the weight range and not choosing a larger scale you will increase the risk of needing to replace the scale should there be a company expansion or should the volume of production increase even without an expansion.

The new scales of today are highly accurate in a much wider weight range, providing a good selection of scales that provide the opportunity to increased needs.

Space Requirements

Having the luxury of designing your scale area to suit the scales is not common; rather the scales selected have to match the designated space. This is particularly true with replacement industrial weight scales that have to fit in the same physical space that the existing unit is in.

There are several design options to consider based on needs. There are platform scales that can be used with little additional space requirements, but here are also batching and blending scales that have to be compatible with the space around the current equipment.

Finally, be sure that any of the industrial weight scales selected are fully compatible with any current computer programs and process systems in place. Most of the new scales are carefully designed to provide this compatibility, but it is still essential to double check.


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