The Different Configurations of Parking Lot Striping in Gillette, WY

In the beginning, parking lots are a blank canvas without the lines to mark where the cars go. Without an order, cars will park anywhere causing chaos in the lot. There are several different options for laying the stripes down. The best option will depend on the size of your parking lot, the configuration of the parking lot, the traffic flow of the lot and how many spaces you want to have available in your lot.

One of the directions in which the Parking Lot Striping in Gillette WY can be laid down is in vertical rows from the building. These square spaces can accommodate traffic in both directs. This configuration is ideal for parking lots with more depth than width to them. This type of stripping can also accommodate larger vehicles such as handicapped vans, recreational vehicles or company vehicles which may need a larger area to park in.

Another direction in which the striping can be placed is horizontal to the building. This configuration is not seen as often, but can work in parking lots with more width than depth. The big challenge of this design is directing the traffic flow in the proper direction since cars may have to back out to get out of the space. You can see this configuration near planters or other landscaping areas.

The Parking Lot Striping in Gillette WY can also be angled. In this option, the direction of traffic flow is dictated by how the lines are angled. This type of striping is very popular because you can potentially park more cars in the same space. It is also easier for patrons to back out because the traffic is flowing all in the same direction. This configuration is ideal for smaller lots or businesses expecting a great deal of car traffic in their lots. Additionally, many drivers find this type of parking spot easier to put their car into.

These are the different parking lot configurations available. Without proper direction on where to park, cars will run into each other and will occupy as much space as possible. Check out for more information on getting the lines drawn in your parking lot.


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