The Best E-Cigarette Menthol Flavor

Menthol flavor is the most popular e-juice flavor on the market for e-cigarettes. There are many varieties of menthol flavor e-juice available. You can order a tobacco-flavored e-juice. This is the flavor most people choose when quitting cigarettes and trying e-cigarettes for the first time. It is refreshing, cool, and most resembles smoking a menthol cigarette. But don’t limit yourself to the menthol tobacco flavors. There are almost limitless combinations when it comes to menthol flavors. Many e-cigarette users mix in fruit flavors, such as watermelon, that have a menthol component. Others use their favorite mixed drink flavors with a menthol base.

Factors That Will Affect Your E-cigarette Menthol Flavor

Your PG (propylene glycol) /VG (vegetable glycerin) ratio will affect your menthol flavor. PG, in general, will enhance the flavor of your menthol flavor e-juice. PG is relatively thinner in consistency than VG liquid. VG is much thicker than PG, and is used to give those wonderful clouds of vapor from your e-cigarette. Popular ratios of PG/GV are 50/50%, 70% PG / 30 VG%, 70%VG/ 30%PG, and MAX VG. The ratio you choose will depend on your preference and the e-cigarette device you are using.

The type of e-cigarette device you choose affects your e-cigarette menthol flavor. An e-cigarette mod with high voltage (over 30 watts) and a low ohm (or sub-ohm) resistance level releases the most menthol flavor out of your e-juice. If you are using a high wattage e-cigarette mod, you will want to use a higher VG ratio of menthol-flavored e-juice. This can really bring out the full flavor of your juice. A low watt or ego type e-cigarette requires a higher PG ratio e-juice. It is your preference when choosing PG/VG ratios. Remember, the lower the ohms, the higher VG ratio you can use.

Always Remember to Steep Your E-cigarette Juice

Steeping your e-juice will increase the e-cigarette menthol flavor. Once made, your e-juice steeping process begins. It is similar to steeping tea; the longer you let your e-juice sit, the stronger it will become. The shake, sit, repeat method works best. Remember to shake your bottle of e-juice often. Then place your bottle of e-juice in a room temperature site (drawer or closet) out of the sunlight. The flavor additives must bond with the PG/VG in your juice.

Not all e-juice requires steeping. There is no need to steep your e-juice if it sits on a shelf in a warehouse. In that case, it is ready to vape when you receive it. Your e-juice vendor will state if you need to steep your e-juice before vaping. Many vapors prefer a custom blend of flavor, nicotine level, and PG/VG ratio. If this is the case, you need to steep your e-juice.


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