The Benefits Of Arc Weld Studs Over Traditional Fasteners

While arc stud welding is used for large construction projects with composite materials, particularly steel and concrete, it can also be used in a wide range of other types of applications.

It is used in shipbuilding, bridge construction, automotive manufacturing, oil and gas pipeline construction and also in the building of agricultural and heavy-duty equipment. Stud welding provides a strong, durable and reliable weld that can be completed in just seconds. With the use of robotics, the process can also be fully automated, allowing for the precise application of arc weld studs on workpieces without the need for human equipment operators.

Strong Welds

With arc weld studs, a flux ball is manufactured at the end of the stud. This allows for the flux to melt and form the molten pool. With the ferrule in place, the molten pool is contacted for the brief millisecond until the stud is driven down and the weld is completed.

The process is not only fast, but the weld is complete and precise, with the molten pool held in place by the ceramic ferrule. After the weld is completed the ferrule is broken off, leaving a clean, even weld.

Additionally, even though the molten book is formed and the arc weld studs are driven down, there is no marring or visual change to the other side of the material. This is very different than resistance or other types of welding processes.

No Need For Additional Steps

With the used of weld studs, there is no need to pre-drill a hole or to go through the process of tapping or riveting. Also, as this is a very quick process, it can dramatically speed up the time on this aspect of any job, which is important to anyone in the construction or fabrication business.


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