The Anatomy of the Average Floor Preparation Service

Ceramic and tile floors can be beautiful, long-lasting, and easy to clean, making them popular choices for many rooms and situations. Opting for a floor of this general kind, though, will mean needing to make sure that the room is ready to accept it. Because they are relatively heavy and stiff, flooring materials of these types will often be less forgiving than others. Having a professional Floor Preparation Service like the one online at do all the necessary work beforehand is one way of making sure that the scene will be set for success.

As can be seen on Google+ and elsewhere online, work of this kind includes a number of distinct steps. To begin with, the technicians provided by a Floor Preparation Service will typically strive to get the lay of the land, measuring and mapping the sub-floor to chart out any dips, depressions, rises, or other irregularities that will need to be dealt with. Likewise will seams and any cracks in the sub-floor need to be attended to as well, in order to create a smooth, regular surface for tile to later be laid upon.

Once things have been evened out sufficiently, a layer of resilient liquid treatment will normally be applied. This will cure into a rubbery substance that will provide both support and traction, while holding up well to the stresses that it will bear over the years. In many cases, a primer or sealant will be put down beforehand, although some treatments do away with the need for either.

Backing board will then normally be put down and fastened atop the cured, dried layer of treatment. Once that has been fixed into place, a thin coat of cement will then often be applied in order to create the surface for the tiles themselves. While cement can normally be laid such that it will provide a truly level, regular surface to work with, any deviations can normally be corrected with the use of a leveling compound applied on top of it. With all of this work done carefully and correctly, actually installing tiles will become easy and straightforward, and the floor should hold up well for many years.


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