Storage Tips in Birmingham, AL

Placing items in store involves more than just putting your items inside and then allowing for just enough clearance so that the door can close. However, the process of storage does not have to be complicated either. Some tips offered below can help you safely and efficiently store your possessions in Birmingham, AL.

Storing Large Items

When you need to store larger items such as equipment, appliances and furniture, it helps when possible to separate these items into smaller pieces. That may not always be possible with equipment or appliances, but sometimes it can be done with furniture. The items can then be covered sheets or tarps for protection. By using effective stacking techniques you can definitely safe space when using storage.


Protective sheeting placed on the floor of a storage area can help keep the area clean. A step ladder placed within the unit that can be easily accessed can also help you retrieve items that are stacked high in storage. Birmingham, AL storage customers may also want to include moisture absorbers, deodorizers and even vermin bait to storage areas in order to help ensure the protection of their items.

It is a good idea to put your largest items against the walls. Items that will be needed first or more often than others should be placed near the entrance of the storage vault.

As well, in order to protect you most valuable items, you may want to place them the farthest distance from the storage vault’s entrance. Some of the security features you should look for in the storage facility include: cameras and security alarms, fire detection and suppression and proper ventilation and/or temperature controlled storage.

Creativity Counts

When storing your items be creative in order to utilize space in the most efficient manner possible. For instance you might use furniture drawers to store smaller items such as clothing and books. You can used washers and dryers and washers to store items such as pillows, bedding and blankets. These tips and others not named can help you maximize the space as much as possible. A reliable relocation company can help you utilize short or long term storage to your best advantage.


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