Some Top School Fundraising Ideas

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Shopping

School fundraisers are a perfect way to get today’s students actively engaged in their schools’ extracurricular activities. However, with so many fundraising programs available today, it can be challenging to choose a fundraiser that is truly profitable and enjoyable for the modern student. A few tips offered below can help you choose winning school fundraising ideas and companies.

Why a Fundraiser?
One of the hugest benefits of school fundraisers is that they teach students that if they want something, they have to work hard for it. Fundraisers also give students the opportunity to build their customer service skills, as they can talk to possible customers, track orders, handle money and deliver goods. These opportunities help children gain confidence, improve their communication skills, practice their financial skills and learn about responsibility.

Fundraisers also benefit schools directly by helping to pay for upgrades to a school’s technology or to fund field trip scholarships designed to improve students’ education. Fundraiser profits can also help to financially support sport teams.

Qualities of a First-Rate Fundraiser
Look for school fundraising ideas offered by companies that guarantee you’ll receive up to 40 percent to 50 percent profit. The best companies also take advantage of the Internet, allowing you to effortlessly enter orders online, or else they offer to have their teams enter your orders for you. Your customers should be able to pay for their products in multiple ways—by credit card, check or even electronic payment, for example.

In addition, choose a company that does not impose any upfront costs. For instance, the company may offer free seller packets. Reputable companies also pack orders per seller, which makes order distribution a breeze.

Some popular products being sold in fundraisers today are handbags and household items such as kitchen gadgets, delicious food mixes, kitchen storage and home décor. This is because these items can be used in every season and thus are in-demand year-round. You can sell durable, high-quality reusable bags that hold between 50 and 60 pounds and come in a variety of designs and colors.

Today’s leading bag fundraiser companies offer not just handbags but also travel sets, storage bags, lunch bags and bag accessories. With the right school fundraising ideas, your organization or school can be well on its way to achieving its financial goals.

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