Some Historic Buildings Need Structural Strengthening in Chicago, IL

Older buildings can have decades of life left in them with the proper care and restoration services. Don’t let water leaks cause further damage. Fix those cracks before they get larger. When needed, hire a contractor experienced in structural strengthening in Chicago IL. Have the building facade restored to its former beauty with cleaning and repair of masonry, cement work, or other exterior finish materials. Make sure the building foundation is sound. Once the building has been restored to its former glory, maintain it to avoid damage.

Building Restoration and Preservation

A building that has been restored and has had steps taken to preserve it from future damage is worth more money and will last longer than a building that is neglected. Neglect does not save money, it shortens the life of a good building. That crack in the foundation can be fixed for a reasonable amount but, when left alone, can actually make the building structurally weak. Missing concrete trim, bricks, or grout can allow water leaks that weaken a building. Dirt can build up on the facade of a building making it look dull and neglected.

But, when a building has its facade cleaned and repaired, it looks new again. Replacing missing bricks, grouting, and cement work make the building stronger so it will last longer. Broken panes of glass spell neglect to passersby. Replacing broken or cracked windows make the building look better and saves money on heating bills. Repairing cracks properly stops them from growing and gives the building more structural stability.

Fix Defects At the Source

Finding out why the building is developing cracks may lead to structural strengthening in Chicago IL. A weakened foundation may be causing the cracks. Leveling and strengthening the building foundation may add decades to the building’s life. Once the building is restored and structurally sound, it is time to take steps to keep it that way. Construction companies can add finishes to protect surfaces from corrosion or water damage. The building can be inspected once a year or so for new damage, and it can be repaired while problems are small. Visit for more information on building restoration services.


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