Shop For Premium Eyeglasses In Chelsea, NY

Eyeglasses are much more than a vision tool. Consumers want to make a fashion statement with their glasses. Unfortunately, most optical stores sell frames that are mass-produced and have very little flair. It is smart to invest in a pair of premium frames that stand out in a crowd. Those who like the vintage, glamorous look may like Dita eye-wear. These frames are worth the investment because the craftsmanship is first rate. For example, it takes over 300 production steps and eight months to make a DITA frame. Further, this company is known for the way it makes acetate frames. Indeed, no mass production is used. Rather, the frames are polished using bamboo chips.

Look for Gold and Wood Eyeglasses in Chelsea NY. Gold and Wood was founded by Maurice Leonard. Leonard’s philosophy is that each pair of glasses should be a work of art. Leonard is a force behind the trendy horn eyeglass frames. These glasses are extremely popular in the U.S. This company gathers African and Vietnamese horn from animals that are slaughtered for food. Additionally, The company wants consumers to know its strict rules for wood. Specifically, wood is only taken from countries that have on-going reforestation programs.

One is sure to find Thom Browne Eyeglasses in Chelsea NY. This designer claims his clientele have impeccable taste. Browne wants to make glasses that are original and modern. To that end, Browne uses only the finest materials in his products. Oliver Goldsmith is another iconic line of eye-wear. Goldsmith started making glasses in the 1920s. There are those who prefer Goldsmith because the glasses were worn by stars like Grace Kelly, Peter Sellers, and Michael Caine. Interestingly, Goldsmith was one of the first people to design frames for major runway shows.

Eyeglasses manufactured in Fukui, Japan, are some of the best in the world. Gozaemon Masunaga founded the first optical company in Fukui in 1905. To develop his company, Masunaga brought many of the best Japanese craftsmen to Fukui. The excellence remains today, and Masunaga frames are very desirable. One of the luxurious features of the frames is a layering of acetate and titanium. If you are tired of looking like everyone else, visit Charlotte Jones Opticians.


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