Two Particularly Popular Types of Frames at Eyeglass Stores in New York City

Many people today choose to wear eyeglasses even where contact lenses might be a realistic option. There are many good reasons to do so, and quite a few satisfied eyeglass wearers count at least several of these among their own. At eyeglass stores in New York City like Charlotte Jones Opticians, one key reason for the enduring appealing of this type of vision correction will be clear: Eyeglasses cannot only support and enhance an especially crucial sense, they can contribute positively to the looks of those who wear them.

Many Ways to Turn Eyeglasses into a Central Fashion Feature

That eyeglass can be attractive and appealing will not be news to many. Although there are plenty of stereotypes about eyeglass wearers being teased or seen as awkward, real-world experiences prove that this style of accessory can just as well make for a purely positive addition to a given person’s look. Some of the types of frames that most often make this important point for shoppers at eyeglass stores in New York City include:

* Horn-rimmed. Eyeglasses are sometimes seen as overly studious looking or prim, but there are designs that embrace the contributing influences in ways that can just as well be appealing. Horn-rimmed eyeglass frames of various shapes have been around for many years and remain some of the most popular products among the vast selection on the market. The classic look of horn or tortoiseshell adds detail to frames without ever seeming too busy. As a result, horn-rimmed eyeglasses can feel both warm and proper at once and in a wide variety of settings.

* Semi-rimless. The glass or plastic lenses that allow eyeglasses to correct vision can have the charm of their own. Frames that expose the lower edges of the lenses they house frequently have a look that appeals to many. In quite a few cases, frame designers will employ a relatively heavy hand with the remaining material, combining a bold, substantial presence up top with the light, airy feeling of exposed lenses below.

Looking Great and Seeing More Clearly in the Bargain

With there being many more types of eyeglass frames to choose from, just about anyone should always be able to achieve any conceivable, desirable look. Stores in New York City that make it easy to assess many options quickly will always make choosing the perfect frames even simpler. Visit the website to know more.


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