Services To Look For In A Charlotte Warehouse

Charlotte is a rapidly growing city with opportunities for small to large businesses in all industries. As in many cities, startup companies, small businesses and even mid to large-sized companies struggle to find storage and warehouse facilities.

Finding cost-effective warehousing in and around the city is a challenge. It is too costly for most small businesses to buy a warehouse or to buy property and construct a facility. Sharing warehouse space in a cooperative type of agreement with other businesses still requires capital investment as well as equipment, staffing, and logistics services.

The Alternative Option

A cost-effective option for most small to larger sized businesses is to use a warehousing and logistics service. These are often managed by moving companies and offer a full-service warehouse to act as your own service, providing just what it needed.

Most of these warehouse facilities charge a flat monthly rate based on the amount of storage space required. The business will then choose the specific additional services requested and required and pay per the agreement.

This makes it easy for a small business to have a full warehousing operation and still manage their budget. Most of the top warehousing services will offer full integration with your retail or inventory management software to provide tracking and tracing of all products through their logistics service.

Additionally, some of the facilities in Charlotte offer a range of additional services. This can include last mile delivery, lift gate delivery services, Just-In-Time deliveries, assembly and full asset management services.

For most companies, the ability to scan products with barcode or RFID tags will also be important. They may also require specific types of storage such as racking or padding of all merchandise after receiving. Checking the various Charlotte warehouse facilities and finding the best option will assist in streamlining your business model.


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