Reviewing The Requirements For Auto Insurance In Santa Cruz

In California, automobile owners are required to purchase at least the lowest level of coverage. The national mandate requires the owners to acquire liability coverage to reduce the probability of a lawsuit. These policies will pay for any damages sustained by other drivers if the owner is at fault in an accident. The following is a review of requirements and conditions that apply to Auto Insurance in Santa Cruz.

Defining the Current Requirements

Currently, the values required for liability coverage offer $15,000 for the initial injuries that occur during an accident. The maximum for coverage is $30,000. The policy must also provide $5,000 for all property damage that happens during the accident. The automobile driver isn’t limited to this level of coverage. They may choose any level they prefer as long as they fulfill the minimum mandate in the state of California.

What Happens If the Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance?

If the automobile owner doesn’t have insurance, they will face penalties for not possessing insurance. The penalties vary according to the total number of convictions that were accumulated within the last five years. The state can apply a fine of around $200. They can also impose penalties such as driver’s license suspensions.

What Happens if the Driver is Charged with a DUI?

If an automobile owner is convicted of a DUI, they are required by the state of California to secure SR-22 coverage. This certificate shows that the auto owner has fulfilled the state’s requirement for purchasing insurance. The state can require this certification for up to three years.

How Does Policyholder File a Claim?

The policyholder must contact their insurer and wait for a claim’s adjuster. The adjuster reviews the damage or medical records for victims of accidents. They also review damage associated with the owner’s vehicle. The insurance provider issues a check to the policyholder if these expenses are covered.

In California, automobile owners must follow all insurance requirements issued by the state of California. These requirements include the purchase of at least liability insurance. Automobile owners who need to purchase Auto Insurance in Santa Cruz visit for more information or a free quote.

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